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In any case, with the redesign of the post box work, some charging administrations, for example, different shopper charges, water charges, power charges and even court summons, some of which likewise include individual protection, should be conveyed to the gatherings by letter, so the letter box has normally become a significant instrument for everybody to incidentally store these letters. In any case, because of helpless administration and support of the property office and deficient thoughtfulness regarding letter drop locks by the general population, burglary of post boxes has over and again happened. As per significant media reports, lately, instances of burglary of letter boxes have happened often and are expanding step by step. Subsequently, it is basic to utilize high-caliber and high-security post box locks. 

Letter box lock SUPPLIER is a sort of cam lock, which is a lock named by application. Since the post boxes are by and large positioned in a brought together way, the more modest the shared opening rate (the likelihood of opening other lock by a key) of the letter box bolts, the better. As indicated by the guidelines of China, new constructed houses should be furnished with post boxes. In certain networks, despite the fact that letter boxes are set up, it is normal for a solitary key to open different post boxes, which is far lower than the "common opening rate" determined by the state for lock producers, which is under six for every ten thousands, harming the interests of buyers, yet additionally including extortion. the state's "shared open rate" standard for lock makers that is under 6/10,000. The guidelines hurt the interests of shoppers, yet additionally include misrepresentation. 

There are two fundamental reasons that a key can open different letter boxes: On one hand, the accuracy and security of the post box lock isn't sufficiently high. As a rule, the locks given by engineers are moderately modest. The accuracy of these locks is low, and the shared opening rate is for the most part about 60%, not to mention arriving at the security level in the business. Then again, on the off chance that you are not expert in introducing a post box lock, it will effectively prompt a high common opening rate. 

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Homegrown letter box bolts by and large use cam locks. Ningbo Well Hardware Industry and Trading Co., Ltd. has broad R and D plan and creation experience in the field of cam locks. The letter box locks delivered by Make are generally made of zinc amalgam. The outside of the lock is prepared with splendid chrome and brilliant nickel. The lock body is wonderful and protected and tough. Indeed, even in the outside where the breeze is blowing and , you don't have to stress over the letter box lock getting rusted and harmed. The key for the letter box lock is made of copper, with twofold sided processing, and the quantity of key bitting can arrive at more than 2000. For some patent bolts, the quantity of key bitting can even arrive at 3.4 billion, with high accuracy and low common opening rate, so the security level is high, and it tends to be securely introduced in the post box. This can successfully forestall robbery of the letter box. 

What's more, WHW post box locks are likewise furnished with standard mounting openings, permitting everybody to introduce rapidly and helpfully, dodging the issue of expanded letter box lock shared opening rate and decreased security because of amateurish establishment. WHW letter drop locks can likewise be redone as per client prerequisites. 

Albeit the advancement of correspondence innovation has step by step caused the letter drop to lose its previous light. Nonetheless, for some old gatherings, the letter drop is as yet a significant instrument for them to look after correspondence. Simultaneously, the post box is utilized to briefly store individual letters and materials, which encourages individual life, yet additionally guarantees that private data isn't spilled. Along these lines, the letter drop isn't totally decreased to the "chicken ribs" of the Internet time. In this period, the security of letter box bolts actually merits everybody's consideration!

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