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What is personality? / Define personality?

What is personality?

Personality is everything about you that makes you what you are—a unique individual who is different, in large and small ways, from everybody else.  It’s a simple word, but a difficult concept to truly comprehend.

Definition according to the dictionary:

  •  The state of being a person.
  • The characteristics and qualities that form a person’s distinctive character.
  • Thesumtotalofallthephysical, mental, emotional, and social character of a person.

 Layperson said personality is social attractiveness.  The person with a “good personality” is one who impresses others with his or her ability to get along well with people. When someone said he has a “great personality,” meaning that she behaves in ways that the perceivers find acceptable; John is said to have “no personality,” meaning that they find much of John’s behavior highly objectionable.

Personality defined in terms of social attractiveness 

Personality defined in terms of social attractiveness is inadequate in two major respects. First, it limits the number and kinds of behavior considered as aspects of personality; that is, only those kinds of behaviors that the perceivers select in making judgments about the attractiveness or unattractiveness of the perceived are regarded as part of the personality. Second, it carries the absurd implication that some individuals, who obviously have unique learning histories and unique, biologically based temperament traits, are devoid of personality. 


 Personality is the vigorous and systematic set of characteristics possessed by a person that uniquely influences his or her cognitions, motivations, and behaviors in various situations. It can also be thought of as a psychological construct—a complex preoccupation that encloses the person’s unique genetic background (except in the case of identical twins) and learning history, and the styles in which such factors influence his or her responses to various environments or situations. Thus, many investigators regard the study of personality as primarily the scientific analysis of individual differences that help to account for why and how people react uniquely, and often creatively, to various environmental or situational demands. The primary focus of interest in the discipline is on the creation of theories that offer explanations for each individual’s unique ways of responding to his or her physical, social, and cultural environments. These explanations then lead to predictions that are tested and buttressed by empirical evidence. Such theories increase our understanding of individuals and help us to predict their actions accurately.

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