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Jung (Personality Development) self realization

Personality Development By Jung

According to Jung personality development does not fix in early childhood. He did not accept Freud’s view that the individual’s personality was relatively fixed by the end of early childhood.  Neither did he accept Freud’s view that only past events determine a person’s behavior. For Jung, the behavior was determined not only by past experiences but also by future goals.


 Jung conceived of personal development as a dynamic and evolving process that occurs throughout life. A person is continually developing, learning new skills, and moving toward self-realization.

What is self-realization?

The movement toward self-realization is often a difficult and painful process. It involves continual attempts by the individual to understand his or her experiences, to develop healthy attitudes, and to reconcile the opposing forces within the psyche through transcendence. .Although people can progress towards selfhood by developing differentiated psychological functions, they can also move backward. Suchbackwardmovement, however,  is not necessarily detrimental; some retreats into the psyche can provide the impetus for creative growth. 

Self-realization process in middle age vs adult

 The person is often beset by crises, and Jung believed that many individuals experience their most severe crises during the middle years. Adequate resolution of these crises helps move people toward a more accurate perception and a fuller understanding of themselves. The ultimate outcome is individuation; that is, the person becomes all he or she is capable of becoming a human being.
Person face issues of young adulthood in middle age. In middle age person's extrovert attitudes becomes introvert means transition process occur. Such a process also called transformation process. In middle age individual becomes introvert, less impulsive, spirituality wisdom sagacity occur in middle age as compared to young adult. Young adult is physically strong, powerful and mental vigor.

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