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Alferd Adler basic concepts (feeling of inferiority and striving for superiority)

Alfred Adler 

Alfred Adler was a famous Australian psychotherapist and is called the father of 
individual psychology. His main focus was on the importance of feelings of inferiority
He regarded human beings as an individual whole, So he called his psychology as "Individual Psychology".
Adler opposes to the Freud view of sex and unconscious. According to Freud unconscious is the main core of our personality and he gave the importance of sex. But according to Adler conscious is the main core of our personality and he minimizes the role of sex, given the importance of birth order, inferiority feelings  and inferiority complex, etc

Basic Concepts

1: Feeling of inferiority and Striving for superiority:

According to Adler point of view “ each person has a uniqueness and is merely a social being”. 

Inferiority Feeling: 

These feelings are universal human feelings of smallness,  weakness, and dependency, these are the normal feelings and source of all human beings.
According to Alfred Adler, inferiority feelings motivate us and is not a sign of weakness, Adler noted that individuals with defective organs typically tried to compensate for their weaknesses by intensive training. A girl with a speech impediment might try to overcome her problem by intensive and persistent practice until one day she is able to excel; perhaps she becomes a national news broadcaster.
Or a boy with puny legs might strive to become an outstanding distance runner.
according to Adler, it is not the defect itself that produces the striving, but the person’s attitude toward it. The individual is free to interpret the deficiency in many ways, or even to ignore it; if it is ignored, it will not result in overwhelming striving behavior. 
Inferiority feelings move toward superiority by compensation (compensation is a motivation to overcome inferiority and to strive for a higher level of development)

Inferiority feeling types:

There are two types of inferiority feeling.
1: Imagined inferiority feeling 
2: Real inferiority feeling

*Imagined inferiority feeling 

These are the feelings which we just imagined and not really exist. This feeling results from frustration, anxiety.

*Real inferiority feeling

These are the feeling which really exists.

Inferiority complex

In Inferiority complex person is unable to compensate for normal inferior feeling.
Inferiority complex originates with three sources. 
1: organic inferiority complex
2:  spoiling inferiority complex
3: Neglect inferiority complex

 organic inferiority complex

 organic inferiority complex is a body shape complex. For example deficiencies of vitamins D.

Spoiling inferiority complex

spoiling inferiority complex is a pampering
child originate complex. For example, A child becomes a focus of attention at home but when he comes outside and people gave less attention to that child due to this less attention inferiority complex develope in that child.

 Neglect inferiority complex

 Neglect inferiority complex is unwanted or rejected child complex. When parents gave little attention to their child, no proper care, hostile environment, and worthlessness feeling occur then such complex found in the child.
Parents neglect their child also called child abuse.


         Two ways of attaining a goal

Path 1:(+ve way)

         Striving for superiority is the fundamental and ultimate goal of life. It's a collectivistic approach in which the urge to gain completion and perfection. In short in striving for superiority person in a positive way moves toward superiority. It's lead to construction which results in good psychological health and social acceptance.

Path 2:(-ve way)

      Striving for personal superiority is not a collectivistic approach in which the urge to gain completion and perfection for one's own sake. The person becomes superior in a negative way which leads to destruction and causes neurosis.


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